Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

Wroclaw, Poland (OR How I lost my first nail wheel)

German, please!

September 2011, somewhere in Saxony, sitting in a train. I took the train from Dresden to Wroclaw ... We drove from afternoon until 9 p.m. - than it happened. We drove with the taxi to a beautiful hostel. When we've got our rooms I realized that one pocket of my trekking backpack was open. I lost my nail wheel in the boot of the taxi ...

I took a lot of photos at Wroclaw.

The first part contains photos from the hostel and my first visit of the city. (And I went shopping for cosmetic souvenirs in the Renoma shopping centre.)

The second part shows my pictures from the guided city walk.

The last part exhibits photos of the Centennial Hall and the Japanese Garden.

Where to buy cosmetics:
I really enjoyed the service of Sephora at the Renoma shopping centre. It's small but nice and you can buy cosmetics by Korres, Sephora (own brand), Smashbox, bare minerals and other brands. I bought a eyeshadow for a friend (Sid) and a eyeshadow brush for me. Both were by the brand Sephora.
There is also Rossmann for buying drugstore cosmetics but I wasn't interessed in visit a Rossmann in Poland.

What I loved:

  • I really enjoyed to visit the Japanese Garden behind the Centennial Hall. It's really cheap (3 Slotti) and calming if you visit it in the week.
  • Take part of the night life in the cocktail bars of the city. (There are 135,000 students in this city!)
  • The old Jewish graveyard in the south of the city is a beautiful place. I've never thought that a graveyard could be so beautiful.
My hint for Wroclaw:
4 days weren't long enough to see all the beautiful places in Wroclaw. Next time I would like to take a vacation there for one week. Then I'll took my nail wheel with me and won't lose it again!

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